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July 9, 2009

A Busy Two Months!

I haven't posted to my blog in 2 months!!! What a busy two months they've been! I flew to the east coast on May 14th and spent 3 weeks in Charleston, SC watching my grandchildren and visiting my daughter and son-in-law.

I posted the adventure on my blog, "My Little Corner". It was so much fun being with my grandbabies, Nick 7 and Girlie 2. I miss them a lot!

I came back to San Diego on July 2nd to an overrun yard, and all the dialy chores, along with unpacking! I wasn't in any hurry so I took a few more days off, just loafing around and visiting the beach!

The San Diego County Fair opened and on June 17th mom and I went to the fair. It's tradition, we go every year together. We had such a great time, enjoying all the good foods and exhibits. We didn't leave until 8pm!

Then on the evening of June 18th, my mother was rushed to the hospital with pneumonia. After two weeks, we thought she was well on her way to going to home. Unfortunately, she had a relapse, and now has double pneumonia. Being a diabetic, hasn't helped in the healing process.

We want you back home!!!

It's been a very busy time for all of us, taking turns visiting the hospital and trying to keep her company while she recuperates. She gets stronger every day. That's a really good sign. Thank you to everyone....you've been so nice sending well wishes and prayers her way.