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January 16, 2009

Hip Hop Boys

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January 4, 2009

Our Toys...

We had as much fun as little kids.....these are some of the toys we played with at Christmastime!

Playing on an application on iPhone called Comek, we put hair, hats, glasses, mustaches and funny sayings on photos!

We went for a long walk on Christmas Eve to view the lights in the neighborhood after we ate our yummy turkey dinner. Robert played Christmas music on his iPhone while we walked. It was a very cold night and it reminded us of a freezing winter night in Michigan, but with all the holiday tunes to make us feel good and warm inside.
We reminisced a lot.

Then we used another app to take sepia pictures of some of the decorations on homes. The camera on the iPhone is really great and we took a lot of really good shots.

It was time to have a little Chex Mix and play some games, one of our favorites.....Yahtzee.....on our iPhones!!!! What can I say, it's our favorite toy! and the gift that just keeps on giving!

You guessed it, this was done with another app.....Andy Warhol-esk! Robert was babysitting for a dog named Putts!!!! He had a face only a mother could love so we gave him some color!

I took this iPhone photo of Kobe with the sepia app.....such a great picture of him. He is so cute and such a sweet puppy.

Then we Elfed ourselves on Jib Jab......took all of the different poses that we made and put them on a slideshow video to music. (That's Robert on the left! when he was in 4th grade.)

We made more funny faces with Comek.....
John & Katie!

And we laughed a lot!!!

The best app we used was from Animoto. We made slideshow videos and put them to music.
They turned out great. This is one of my son, Robert, doing some of his extreme sports. Enjoy!

January 1, 2009

Times Square


Our new Secretary of State and her husband, former President Bill Clinton!