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October 10, 2008


Kobe changed his mind about what he wants to be for Halloween.

He no longer wants to be a cowboy, so he traded in his cowboy hat and bandana for a space suit!

Thanks, Nana, for making this for me!
Kosmic Kobe

October 7, 2008


This is Robert's puppy named Kobe. Not wanting to be left out of the Halloween festivities, he insisted on his very own costume for Trick-Or-Treating.

"Welcome to Dodge City, Pardners!"

Kowboy Kobe

They call him Quickdraw....! But he could never shoot anyone! He's scared of guns! His specialty is a whip.

Giddddddddy up cowpokes!

Yeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaa!


October 1, 2008

Halloween PAST...2007


It's hard to see Nick hidden behind his Race Car Driver costume! It was a great costume, but I really like the ones where we did the makeup! This year Nick is 5 1/2 years old.

And Girlie was so cute in her Princess costume....she kept the hat on all night! And she's only 8 months old! Everyone just loved her. She held out as long as Nick....what a trooper.

..(I have more pictures.....just need to find them!)


Halloween PAST...2006

Remembering....Nick's Halloween Skeleton. It's Halloween night.....time to get our costume on for Trick-or-Treating!

Mommy is busy applying white theatrical makeup with a makeup sponge. Nick sits very still and is so patient. No other 4 1/2 years old would sit still for so long!

Can you smell the chili cooking in the pot on the stove?

This makeup thing takes a long time! But I know it's gonna look great.

The white is finally finished. Nice job, mommy.

Now we work on the eyes. Nana starts to apply black grease paint.

Next the nose and mouth are created. Starting to look really scary!

(Click on the picture to see a really scary face up close and personal! Not me...the skeleton!)

Finally finished "How do I look?"

"Let's go! I'm ready to get some candy!"
Nick insisted on going up to each house by himself so mommy, daddy and Nana waited at the end of the walk for him to return with his loot! What a funny guy!

"Wow.....that house gave me a whole handful of treats!
Can we go home now so I can eat my candy?"
"Halloween is fun!"

Postscript: Girlie didn't arrive until February 2007. We didn't know at the time that we would be dressing one more little munchkin for Halloween the next year!


Halloween PAST...2005

This costume got more miles than any other! Nick wore it out! He was a Pirate for months ...... Aarrrgggghhhh, Matey!
For being a 3 1/2 year old, he was so good at this!

We found the costume in NC, the parrot on his shoulder came from the Swap Meet in CA , and the sword, hook and hat we found in Old Town, San Diego. And Nana drew the skull and crossbones, then painted it in white on the black bag for Nick's treats.

The "Pirate" didn't stop after Halloween was over, Nick continued to do Pirate jokes. "What kind of socks does a pirate wear? Aarrr-gyles!" ...... "Where do pirates eat? Aarrr-by's!" ...... "Where do pirates get tatoos? On their Aarrr-ms!"

He talked out of the side of his mouth (taught to him by his Uncle "Boo-Boo"--Robert!) so he looked like Popeye! For months we couldn't get him to smile for a picture without screwing up his mouth like the pirate!

Mommy and Nick are drawing on the pumpkins with a poking tool, getting ready for carving. We made three pumpkins this year. The spider pumpkin is Nick's, Mommy's is the ghost and the witch is Nana's.

This is what they looked like lighted at night! Spooky!


Halloween PAST...2004

Nick was a Lion for Halloween this year.....he looked so cute and we drew a black nose and whiskers on his face. Too cute! (This picture was taken before the makeup.....we were on our way to have pictures taken and didn't want it to smudge!)

Now, isn't this just the cutest picture of such a precious little old boy! I know, I know, I'm his Nana, but you just have to agree! And the naturally curly hair...all the girls love it!

Trick-or-Treating on Oaklawn in NC was the best....lots of old neighbors and friends to visit with. And Nick made quite a haul for a 2 1/2 year old!


Halloween PAST...2003

Nick at 1 1/2 years old!

Pumpkins and Tigger, too!

Where's Tigger?

We can't find him!

We think he's hiding in the closet with his bag of candy!!!!!