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March 2, 2010

I Love SILLY...


 THIS is so SILLY!
And oh, so FUN!

Nick and the neighbors parakeet.
Havin' a little chat!

February 5, 2010

These Shoes Tell A Story...


      what do these shoes say to you? They tell a different story to everyone who sees them...

Two small, sparkly shoes catch my eye resting on the final stair to the beach. The sound of laughter and soft giggles rings in my ears.

A small, barefoot child spins and twirls on the sand with her arms spread wide. Her closed eyes and bright smile point toward the blue sky above.

A mother rests on the large rocks a short distance away. She too is lost in time for that brief moment as she watches with a gleam in her eye and the corner of her mouth slightly raised on one side.
  ~ Robert J. Corsaut

I close my eyes and can picture this story as it unfolds...I LOVE it!  ~Bet Corsaut

Lobsters and Crabbies!

In SC and in MD...the seafood was awesome during our holiday celebrations!

On Christmas Eve in SC we all went to the Children's Christmas Service at church.  It was a great candlelight service and then we headed to downtown Charleston for dinner.  We went to PEARLZ, the best raw oyster bar in town.
 We had a huge sampler of oysters for an appetizer...they were absolutely the best I've ever tasted!

On New Year's Eve we brought in the New Year with Lobsters!!  We bought them at the Piggly Wiggly and they steamed them for us.  Sounds funny buying lobsters from a Pig!
Nick and Girlie weren't too excited about the lobster so we fed them shrimp!  

The shrimp were sweet and delicious.

 Girlie contributed some chocolate gold coins for dessert to bring us good luck!

We made plans the next day to have a southern tradition, Black Eyed Peas and Rice, to bring in the New Year with health and prosperity. They were Nick's favorite...actually, we all loved them!

We also enjoyed another holiday tradition, we made Chex Mix that was so good it only lasted two days!!!  In MD, the Corsaut's made the mother load of Chex Mix!  Mimi said John kinda made enough for an army!  YAY!  It's a holiday tradition and we all love it!
Deb, Nick, Girlie and I joined our MD family in Pasadena for a holiday celebration.  Along with son, John, daughter-in-law, Katie, and grandchildren Chris, Mimi and Brad, and friends Ali & Jaime, we had a huge "crabbie" party. As is always our tradition when I come to visit we feasted on Maryland Blue's
Can you smell the Old Bay Seasoning?

We wrapped the tables in butcher paper, dumped the pile of crabs on the table and no body talked for a few minutes!!!  We were too busy eating the crabbies and pumpernickle bread.  We also had mussels, shrimp and wings.  

Having two of my three children on the east coast we were so blessed to be able to spend time together with family.  Robert, my west coast son, couldn't join us this year and we really missed him even though he was there in spirit.  Next year for sure...we're all getting together to share the holidays.

Family is the most important thing.


January 2, 2010

APPLE anyone?

Getting together in MD is always an excuse to play games.
This year was no exception, well maybe a little diversion first,
time for an APPLE break!!! John, Nana and Chris just couldn't resist!
After a quick check on our MAC'S to catch up
on emails we were ready.

JB, Katie, Nana, Chris and Brad
had some fun playing "Apples to Apples" on December 28th...

Somebody's cheating!

Somebody's winning!

I think I have too many cards...aren't we supposed to get seven?

Somebody's got a new hairdo!

Somebody had a lot of fun and laughs !