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August 11, 2008

A Food Network Star!

Welcome to
"Girlie's Gourmet Cooking Show"

They sent me to wardrobe. Are they serious...I'm not dancing, I'm cooking!

OK, now I know they're kidding me. I can't cook in heels, my feet are killing me!

I love my new television studio, the kitchen is wonderful. First thing you should always do is wash your hands.

Today I'll be braising lamb chops with mint sauce. And for my vegetable, I just love corn on the cob.

I'll just pop this into the microwave and in 1 minute dinner is ready!

And for dessert, I baked a lovely cake with lots of sugar...so yummy.

I also play guitar and will gladly entertain you after dinner.

It's been a long day...cooking is hard work! Time to relax in the pool...won't you join me?

"Bon Appetite"

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