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November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008

Our yearly tradition....a day at the photographers! Capturing the moment!

Girlie was dressed in her cute little Lady Bug costume with black patten leather shoes. I love the huge rose she's holding! Trying to put makeup on a 1 1/2 yr old child is not the easiest thing to do!! She wiggled like a worm and wanted to play with all the toys at the studio so we were only able to put on part of her make up and she smeared part of it, but the effect was still great....she was adorable!

However, she wouldn't stay in the picture....she kept leaving! Trying to corral her was impossible....she had other things to do! We were lucky to get her into two pictures! Nick on the other hand was all into his Indiana Jones outfit. And posing him was so easy, being the consummate little actor. I just love these pictures....so mature for a 6 year old!

By the way, this was an official Indiana Jones hat! His ruck sack was used to haul his loot from house to house. (Genius!)

Hurry, take the shot before she runs off again....she wants to go sit in the corner with the 5 foot teddy bear! And I might add, all the while Nick stands by patiently waiting for her to settle down.

While we dressed our little munchkins for Trick-or-Treating, we enjoyed our traditional bowl of chili, made by Nana. I think this was one of the best years ever....the chili was delicious, in fact it was awesome! (It brings back so many memories of Halloweens' Past.)

Sharing....the yearly phone call from John and Robert about the chili, while Deb and I joined in to reminisce...."taking it all in"! We have never missed our bowl of chili on Halloween (John & Katie even made theirs weeks ago and froze it so they could have a bowl on Halloween.)

Well, Trick-or-Treating is over for yet another year! Last night everyone went
door to door gathering candy and goodies in their bags and buckets. We loved the costumes and enjoyed the excitement and fun. "Girlie" (Elise) and Nick were quite the little troopers spending an hour and a half, climbing stairs to each house to get their sugary treats.

This was our first year in Charleston and the
weather was great, nice and balmy. We traveled

the neighborhood of I'on with Mommy, Nana, and
close friends Luda and Dr. Jonathan Edwards, and
sons, Alex and Nicholas.

Deb outdid herself....top of the line costume for the festivities!!! Loved the red Clifford slippers! (She really needs to do something with her hair!)

A great time was had by all.

P.S. Nana had on her usual costume....she looked just like the "Nana"!

Later in the evening, John & Katie sent me their photo from their yearly party at the "Crack of Dawn" at the Dowell's in Maryland. Such a cute couple!

*I will post more pictures when I get back to CA on November 4th. I don't have my Mac with me so I can't load my pictures from my camera. The only pics I have for now are from my iPhone.

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