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October 1, 2008

Halloween PAST...2005

This costume got more miles than any other! Nick wore it out! He was a Pirate for months ...... Aarrrgggghhhh, Matey!
For being a 3 1/2 year old, he was so good at this!

We found the costume in NC, the parrot on his shoulder came from the Swap Meet in CA , and the sword, hook and hat we found in Old Town, San Diego. And Nana drew the skull and crossbones, then painted it in white on the black bag for Nick's treats.

The "Pirate" didn't stop after Halloween was over, Nick continued to do Pirate jokes. "What kind of socks does a pirate wear? Aarrr-gyles!" ...... "Where do pirates eat? Aarrr-by's!" ...... "Where do pirates get tatoos? On their Aarrr-ms!"

He talked out of the side of his mouth (taught to him by his Uncle "Boo-Boo"--Robert!) so he looked like Popeye! For months we couldn't get him to smile for a picture without screwing up his mouth like the pirate!

Mommy and Nick are drawing on the pumpkins with a poking tool, getting ready for carving. We made three pumpkins this year. The spider pumpkin is Nick's, Mommy's is the ghost and the witch is Nana's.

This is what they looked like lighted at night! Spooky!


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